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are the Foundation




Relationships Matter

When it comes to selecting those who will administer and protect your wealth, relationships matter.  Today’s high-net-worth families often count on a team of carefully assembled advisors including attorneys, accountants and financial professionals who act as their financial quarterback, ensuring their wealth is protected and transferred as efficiently as possible in accordance with their wishes.

Trusted Team

Founders Fiduciary Services was founded by a consortium of professional advisors

Inclusive Offerings

Offering a variety of trust, estate and fiduciary administrative services to a diverse client base

Deep Experience

Clients include families, family officers, individuals, businesses and organizations.

Full Service

Seamless management and custody of assets by an experienced team of private professional advisors


Founders is headquartered and (via Counsel Trust Company) chartered in Pennsylvania.

We understand the unique and often complex challenges and opportunities of high-net-worth individuals, families and family-controlled businesses.


We value and respect the long-term relationships our clients have with their trusted advisors.

Our professionals ensure our clients hard-earned wealth flows as efficiently as possible to future generations, maximizing all available tax benefits and asset protections.

Why Founders?

We work seamlessly with our clients' accountants, financial advisors and attorneys.

Clients have the ability to retain closely held assets and your chosen custodian, broker, bank or trading platform.

We make quick distribution and other trust administrative decisions.

We assign a dedicated, experience trust officer to each relationship.

We provide cutting-edge technology for comprehensive trust accounting and tax operations.

We serve as trustee for a broad variety of trusts including testamentary trusts, long-standing family trusts, life insurance trusts and charitable trusts.


TRUST SERVICES A trust is a flexible legal entity established to administer and manage the financial assets of “grantors” – individuals, families, corporations, organizations or institutions. Created during life or by will, trusts provide financial administration, security and asset management for grantors and their beneficiaries.  Trusts are considered a vital centerpiece in estate planning.  Trusts can be revocable and amendable or irrevocable, continuing the task of asset management and administration for generations.


  • Serve as sole, joint, directed or successor trustee
  • Offer and administer revocable living, irrevocable, charitable, special needs, testamentary and life insurance trusts


  • Offer independent, comprehensive estate administration
  • Coordinate with family members and other professionals to settle decedent’s financial affairs

Institutional Services

  • Serve as custodian or directed trustees for other fidcuiaries

Power of Attorney

  • Serve as an agent under financial power of attorney

Our Partnerships

Founders partners with leading companies to offer private label and directed trustee services through our consortium of accountants, attorneys and financial professionals.
Counsel Trust Company is an independent, Pennsylvania-chartered trust company offering custodial, trust and fiduciary services to clients including revocable and irrevocable trusts, estates and powers of attorney.  Counsel Trust Company’s experienced professionals are dedicated to serving their clients’ best interest.
SEI is a leading innovator in providing the best trust accounting and back office support systems in the world.  Its clients include some of the largest trust companies and investment advisory firms in the nation.
Founders Fiduciary Services
Built on strong client relationships, the Founders approach ensures highly personalized service executed by a team of professionals that understands you and your family's unique needs and goals.
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